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Raising to 21 Smoking Age Reduces Youth Tobacco Use

In 2005 Needham, the suburb of Boston, in its attempt to reduce tobacco use among youth decided to increase the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. The measure resulted in significant tobacco use drop among high school students. It was a two times decline and this was a greatest result compared to surrounding suburbs. Needham with its … Continue reading Continue reading

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California Aims to Raise Smoking Age to 21

Last week on Thursday, a lawmaker in California proposed a law which increases the legal age to smoke cigarettes from 18 to 21. He explains that he was inspired from similar initiative by Washington lawyer. The proposal comes after top health official in California told that e-cigarettes are harmful and their increasing popularity threatens to unravel the hard and long … Continue reading

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University of Louisiana Bans Tobacco on Campus

From August 1, 2014, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette prohibits tobacco use on its campuses. Joey Pons, associate director of Public Safety at UL Lafayette, says that the new state law imposes that public universities should have smoke-free policies. Now smoking is allowed at the distance of 25 feet away from building entrances, but the new policy will totally … Continue reading

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Russia Extends Smoking Ban From June 1

In 2013 Russia introduced smoking ban which came in full effect yesterday, June 1, 2014. The anti-smoking law prohibits use of cigarettes in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels. One year ago the smoking ban was introduced for public places such as airports, train stations and other public transport.  The ban of yeasterday just expands the list of places where smoking is … Continue reading

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44 Million Smokers in the USA

Though passed 50 years since release of the first surgeon general’s report on smoking and health, these days studies on effects of tobacco use still continue. Dr. Frieden and public health specialists in the USA are searching for better ways to help the 44 million American smokers to quit and to prevent youth from starting smoking. Dr. Frieden says that … Continue reading

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Nicotine is Good for You

Last week David O’Reilly, who is senior molecular biologist, said that nicotine, is good for you, which means that smoking is good for you. The statement comes from scientific adviser to the tobacco industry after scientists from New York University recently warned that electronic cigarettes users may inhale more nicotine and other toxins than regular tobacco smokers. It was estimated … Continue reading

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UCSF to Go Completely Smoke-Free

The University of California, San Francisco is a health sciences university and health care institution recognized in the USA as best one. It will introduce a tobacco-free policy starting from September 3. Thus the University will demand from students, professors,  patients, trainees, contractors and volunteers to be tobacco-free. Usage of tobacco products will be prohibited on any University property including … Continue reading

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Tobacco Companies Rely on Asian Markets

British American Tobacco has low sales dependence on Europe which makes it less vulnerable to volume reduction. Europe represents just 1/10 of the total sales. Major company’s sales come from emerging markets.  Despite lower demand cycles, the British American Tobacco managed to raise its revenue by 5 percent in the long-term perspective. British American Tobacco, the Lucky Strike maker,  has … Continue reading

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Rihanna Under Fire Over Smoking Video

Pop star Rihanna has been criticised by anti-smoking campaigners for lighting up a cigarette in her latest music video. The Umbrella star recently filmed the promo for her single We Found Love in Ireland and she is seen smoking in the footage. She has also released a series of publicity shots for her new album, Talk That That, and the … Continue reading

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The Mirror reveals top ten smoking football players

10. Socrates The legendary Brazilian captain and World Cup winner got through two packets of cigarettes a day during his playing career and continued to smoke after he retired. He’s now a medical doctor. 9. Gazza and Teddy Sheringham In the run up to Euro ’96 both Gazza and Teddy Sheringham were spotted with tabs on the go. We suspect … Continue reading

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