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Smoking Ban Fails in Oceanside

After the law which bans patio smoking did not got motion in Oceanside for City Council to vote on it June 26, business owners will decide by themselves to permit or not smoking in patio of their restaurants and bars. Jim Wood, the mayor of Oceanside, together with Gary Felien and Jack Feller, the councilmen, said they would not support … Continue reading Continue reading

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Smoking Cessation with “Quitter in You”

The American Lung Association together with WellPoint Inc have launched a smoking cessation campaign called “Quitter in You” to help smokers in their efforts to get rid of the habit. Thus WellPoint gave $1.5 million to the American Lung Association to support this program. The major goal of “Quitter in You” is to support people who want to quit smoking … Continue reading

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Golden Virginia Classic and GV Smooth to contain cut-corner papers

Imperial Tobacco is delighted to state that starting mid-June, the packs of Golden Virginia Classic and GV Smooth 25g will contain cut-corner papers. The RRP, at launch, for Golden Virginia Classic 25g and GV Smooth 25g will be unchanged, presenting existing strong margins are preserved while offering further value for the roll-your-own shopper. Imperial Tobacco’s Golden Virginia brand manager Ryan … Continue reading

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