Nicotine is Good for You

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Last week David O’Reilly, who is senior molecular biologist, said that nicotine, is good for you, which means that smoking is good for you. The statement comes from scientific adviser to the tobacco industry after scientists from New York University recently warned that electronic cigarettes users may inhale more nicotine and other toxins than regular tobacco smokers.

It was estimated that in Britain almost 1.3m smokers use e-cigarettes, including such famous people as Ronnie Wood,  Kate Moss,  June Brown.

David O’Reilly told that he believed nicotine had positive effects on the brain and smoking an e-cigarette was safe. O’Reilly is employed by British American Tobacco, the maker of such cigarettes brands as Dunhill, Benson & Hedges and Lucky Strike. He says that when you take nicotine, your brain works much better. It not only  stimulates and relaxes, but also helps with cognition. Not so long ago, BAT started to produce e-cigarettes in order to meet changing customer needs.

Professor John Britton says that in single use, nicotine improves concentration and hand-eye co-ordination just like caffeine. However, it is necessary to remember that nicotine is an addictive substance and it may result in such condition when you need nicotine just for your brain to function normally. In his turn,  Will Hill, a spokesman for BAT, told that nicotine is used by pharmaceutical companies to treat Alzheimer’s.and Parkinson’s diseases.

These days scientists cannot say exactly what impacts on health have e-cigarettes but they are considered safe and are recommended to use when it comes to quitting smoking. However, it is important to mention that they do contain not only nicotine but many other substances besides it.

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