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El Paso Banned Smoking at Bus Stops

Smokers in El Paso, Texas, will no longer be allowed to light up at bus stops, city parks and stadiums as the new smoking ban comes into effect from the beginning of the next year. In summer 2014 city council passed second phase of the Clean Air Ordinance which comes into action on January 1. It bans use of tobacco … Continue reading Continue reading

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No More Smoking in Montgomery Bars

Authorities in the city of Montgomery, Alabama, continue to pull a smoking ban ordinance as it heads to the city council.  The proposed ordinance induced controversies, therefore authorities work over its modifications. During public hearing, there were expressed opinions for and against the smoking ban, and all them are taken into consideration when making adjustments. Now the authorities who work … Continue reading

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Less Smokers in Wisconsin, USA

The Department of Health Services (DHS) in Wisconsin revealed data which demonstrates that in the state adult smoking rate achieved its lowest level for the first time in history. Today adult smoking rate in Wisconsin is 18% while in 2012 it was 20%. Today’s smoking rate almost coincides with the national smoking rate of 17.8% which was also revealed recently … Continue reading

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Embassy Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Imperial Tobacco, the famous tobacco company, told last week about its intention to celebrate 100th anniversary of Embassy cigarettes brand. The brand was launched in 1914. The year was remarkable for many other important events. In 1914 Charlie Chaplin made his fisrt appearence on stage, Henry Ford launcged his T-Ford car and World War I began. Embassy cigarettes brand with … Continue reading

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Motivational Interviewing for Quitting

It is a well known fact that smoking habit can hardly be changed. To help smokers deal with their habit a technique called motivational interviewing can help. With the help of it smokers may quit for good by exploring reasons why they use cigarettes, why they want to get rid of them and what difficulties they may face while quitting. … Continue reading

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Camel Naturals to Appear in Japan

Last week, on November 25,  famous tobacco company Japan Tobacco Inc  told about its plans to launch two brand new versions of Camels which would have no added flavorings.  The versions are called “Camel Natural Lights Box” and “Camel Natural Box”. Both versions of Camels will be launced in mid-December in select markets in Japan. According to David Howard, the … Continue reading

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