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10 Countries with Most Expensive Cigarettes

1. Australia Average price for a pack: $16.11 In Australia are registered highest cigarette prices in the world. Here smokers pay almost $1 for a stick. The government fights with smoking by increasing taxes on tobacco products and wants more anti-tobacco measures to implement. 2. New Zealand Average price for a pack: $14.67 In this country the government will continue … Continue reading Continue reading

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Philadelphia Housing Authority to Go Smoke-Free

The  Board of Commissioners at Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) on the meeting last week discussed the possibility to prohibit use of tobacco throughout its apartments and homes and introduce a free–to–low cost Internet access program for its residents. Totally in PHA homes live around 80,000 residents. With the new initiative it would join other 500 housing units in the USA … Continue reading

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Smoking Cessation Tips for Seniors

Quitting smoking can be extremely hard for seniors who smoked a significant part of their lives. Health care specialists do recommend them to quit as soon as possible because at their age they are at higher risks for developing cardiovascular diseases. Here are some tips for senios for successful quitting. 1. Avoid triggers Being among friends or family members who … Continue reading

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Seattle Bans Smoking in its 465 Parks

Starting from Monday it is illegal to use cigarettes and other tobacco products in public parks in Seattle, Washington. With that move the city joined a number of other large US cities who made their parks smoke-free. Two months ago, on May, the officials from  Seattle’s Parks and Recreation passed an ordinance prohibiting tobacco use in all of its 465 … Continue reading

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Smoking on Beaches in Cape Towns

63-year-old smoker Mike Kelly lives in Cape Cod. He enjoys going to the Corporation Beach along with his family. It is a real pleasure for him to spend a sunny day on the beach, but he cannot light up his favorite Davidoff Superslims Gold cigarettes as smoking is banned on the beaches. Being a tobacco user for many years, Mike … Continue reading

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Trenton City Council Reconsiders Smoking Ban in Parks

The city of Trenton in New Jersey plans to have another try in fighting with smoking in parks by adopting a smoke-free ordinance. The City Council meeting is sheduled for Thursday. There would be discussed an ordinance banning use of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes in city parks and city facilities, recreational zones, and inside city vehicles. In 2013 there was a … Continue reading

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