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Quit Smoking Tips for Women

It is more difficult for women to quit smoking than for men and today scientists try to  find out why. Back in December 1999, Nicotine &Tobacco Research journal published a research which found that men physically are more driven by nicotine, which means that they get more satisfied from smoking, while women smoke to satisfy their psychological needs, such as … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hawaii County Raises Tobacco Sale Age to 21

Last week Billy Kenoi, the mayor of Hawaii, signed a Bill 135 that increases the tobacco sale age to 21, that comes into action from July 1, 2014.  Thus Hawaii County will join three other counties in the USA (two Massachusetts towns and New York City) to ban tobacco sales to young people under 21 when the law goes into … Continue reading

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Philip Morris to Buy Russian Stake

In order to increase volumes, tobacco companies try to invade new markets. Thus two giant tobacco manufacturers, Philip Morris International and Japan Tobacco International, have declared that they have agreed to buy minority stakes in their Russian distributor Megapolis. Megapolis is main distributor of cigarettes in Russia, with 70% share in the Russian tobacco market. It has agreements with world … Continue reading

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Nicotine is Good for You

Last week David O’Reilly, who is senior molecular biologist, said that nicotine, is good for you, which means that smoking is good for you. The statement comes from scientific adviser to the tobacco industry after scientists from New York University recently warned that electronic cigarettes users may inhale more nicotine and other toxins than regular tobacco smokers. It was estimated … Continue reading

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Altria Raises Prices on Cigarettes

Altria Group Inc. recently announced about its plans to increase prices on its several cigarette brands and smokeless tobacco products.  The famous manufacturer wants to reduce its off-invoice promotional allowance by 7 cents per package on L&M and Marlboro cigarette brands. Besides this, Altria’s subsidiary, Philip Morris USA has raised prices on cigarettes by 7 cents per package and Marlboro … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban at SDSU Campus

San Diego State University Senate (SDSU) announced last week about introduction of smoking ban on campus which comes into action from January 1, the next year. Thus smoking will be prohibited on all 12 designated smoking areas on campus. The new smoking policy. will affect SDSU and its auxiliary organizations. William Eadie, the University Senate Chair, said that there are … Continue reading

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Philip Morris Expects Below-Target Profit Growth in 2014

Philip Morris International Inc., the world’s largest tobacco company famous for making Marlboro cigarettes brand, declared that in 2014 its per-share profit would raise more slowly than the company planned because shipments to Russia and Europe do drop. The company representatives told recently that in 2014 per-share profit excluding currency swings will raise from 6% to 8%. Its long-term target … Continue reading

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Mississippi Rejects Smoking Ban

Last week Mississippi rejected the proposal to ban smoking in commercial buildings inside the city limits. The proposal was rejected by the Board of Aldermen in spite of its support by the mayor Young. The idea of smoking ban came from Beverly Knox from the Mississippi Tobacco-Free Coalition, whose major argument in favor of the ban was that it was … Continue reading

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