Russia Extends Smoking Ban From June 1


In 2013 Russia introduced smoking ban which came in full effect yesterday, June 1, 2014. The anti-smoking law prohibits use of cigarettes in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels.

One year ago the smoking ban was introduced for public places such as airports, train stations and other public transport.  The ban of yeasterday just expands the list of places where smoking is prohibited. The main goal of the ban is to encourage people to quit their habit and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Daria Halturina, co-chair of the Russian Anti-Tobacco Coalition, says that smoking ban in indoor spaces proved to be most effective measure to protect non-smokers and children from secondhand smoke which affects negatively their bodies. Besides this, the measure helps to reduce tobacco consumption among population. It was estimated that total smoking ban reduces tobacco consumption up to 13%.

Today Russia has cheapest cigarettes in the world with just $1 for a pack. Halturina says that increase of cigarette prices also proved to be effective in reduction of smoking rates. Though in Russia taxes on cigarettes were increased four times in the last 10 years but it is not enough. Prices on cigarettes in Russia are two times lower than in Bulgaria and Romania.

It was estimated that more than 60% of Russians do smoke and the percentage is highest in Europe. The new anti-smoking measure is greatly supported by the majority of population. Moreover, 50% of population do support increasing prices on cigarettes.

In Britain, Scotland was the first country who introduced an anti-smoking law in March 2006. Then in 2007 Northern Ireland, Wales, England did the same.

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