UCSF to Go Completely Smoke-Free


The University of California, San Francisco is a health sciences university and health care institution recognized in the USA as best one. It will introduce a tobacco-free policy starting from September 3. Thus the University will demand from students, professors,  patients, trainees, contractors and volunteers to be tobacco-free.

Usage of tobacco products will be prohibited on any University property including neighboring grounds, during lunch and break times, on campus. The main aim of this smoke-free policy is to improve quality of air in campus buildings, hospital and surrounding grounds.

Smoking of cigarettes proved to be most frequent cause of a number of preventable diseases in the entire world.

Researchers at UCSF made a number of studies on tobacco effects on the human body. They were interested especially in second-hand smoke, long-term and short effects of cigarette smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption on health. Their findings influenced greatly smoking policies not only in the USA but in the entire world.

On July 1, 2005, for the first time the UCSFimplemented a policy which banned smoking on campus areas except for two specially selected smoking zones. However, these  designated smoking areas were removed because there was revealed that second-hand smoke is also dangerous.

In 2012 UC President Mark Yudof demanded that chancellors at all 10 campuses work over implemeting a smoke-free policy that bans not only the use of tobacco products but also their sale and promotion on University property by 2014. The University of California, San Francisco became a tobacco-free campus in April coinciding with Earth Day.

Other Universities started to follow UCSF example. In August 2013 Cal State University Fullerton became the first Cal State campus to implement a smoke-free policy. Today in 28 US states exist smoking bans. California became the first state in 1995 to ban smoking in indoor public places and workplaces. In January 1998 the smoking ban in the entire state was extended to restaurants and bars.

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