South Carolina Shows a Drop in Smoking Rates

Smoking Woman

In South Carolina, due to authorities efforts to reduce smoking rates there was significantly increased number of people seeking help to quit smoking.

Latest data presented by Department of Health and Environmental Control spokesman Jim Beasley. shows that number of daily calls to the state Tobacco Quitline has increased almost six times over the last year.

They do explain that this increase occured after launch of the campaign called “Tips From Former Smokers” which showed former smokers talking about how the habit affected their lives. The campaign proved to be successful.

However, the American Lung Association said that the results could be better if  South Carolina would choose to spend about 10-times more money each year on snuffing out tobacco use. And this recommendation comes from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,

In South Carolina the tax on a pack of cigarettes is 57 cents, and from it 50 cents are directed to anti-smoking efforts while 7 cents are directed to fund things unrelated to tobacco use. Totally the sum for funding tobacco control achieves $5 million annually.

The tobacco tax in Palmetto State is lowest in the country. The highest tobacco tax ($4.35 per pack) is reported in New York. Data shows that in South Carolina 22% of adult people smoke. Lowest smoking rate of $10 is reported in Utah.

Thomas Meservey of Awendaw said he used Winston Classic cigarettes for years  and many times tried to quit smoking before finally putting down cigarettes, cigars and pipes for good. He manged to give up the habit due to personal efforts and help ffrom state.

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