Less Smokers in Wisconsin, USA

Smoking Woman

The Department of Health Services (DHS) in Wisconsin revealed data which demonstrates that in the state adult smoking rate achieved its lowest level for the first time in history. Today adult smoking rate in Wisconsin is 18% while in 2012 it was 20%. Today’s smoking rate almost coincides with the national smoking rate of 17.8% which was also revealed recently … Continue reading

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Embassy Celebrates its 100th Anniversary


Imperial Tobacco, the famous tobacco company, told last week about its intention to celebrate 100th anniversary of Embassy cigarettes brand. The brand was launched in 1914. The year was remarkable for many other important events. In 1914 Charlie Chaplin made his fisrt appearence on stage, Henry Ford launcged his T-Ford car and World War I began. Embassy cigarettes brand with … Continue reading

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Motivational Interviewing for Quitting

Quit Smoking

It is a well known fact that smoking habit can hardly be changed. To help smokers deal with their habit a technique called motivational interviewing can help. With the help of it smokers may quit for good by exploring reasons why they use cigarettes, why they want to get rid of them and what difficulties they may face while quitting. … Continue reading

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Camel Naturals to Appear in Japan

Camel Cigarettes

Last week, on November 25,  famous tobacco company Japan Tobacco Inc  told about its plans to launch two brand new versions of Camels which would have no added flavorings.  The versions are called “Camel Natural Lights Box” and “Camel Natural Box”. Both versions of Camels will be launced in mid-December in select markets in Japan. According to David Howard, the … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban Approved in Brooke County


Board of Health in Brooke County unanimously passed on Monday night a smoking ban and thus the county will be the latest to adopt such a law in West Virginia. In 2009 there were implemented  clean-air regulations and now they are being updated. The new law prohibits smoking indoors in such public places as restaurants, bars and video gambling establishments. … Continue reading

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Framingham Wants to Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21


In order to prevent youth from smoking, the Board of Health wants to increase the minimum age to buy cigarettes in Framingham, Massachusetts, from 18 to 21. The Board would consider the proposal on its meeting at the beginning of the week when they would discuss modifications to city’s tobacco regulations. The city also wants to limit sale of e-cigarettes … Continue reading

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Tobacco Companies Increase Their Cigarettes Prices


Prices on cigarettes in the USA go up again, because three major tobacco makers continue trying to get revenue in spite of smoking volumes drop. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., Philip Morris USA and  Lorillard Inc. increased list prices on their cigarettes by 7 cents a pack. The last price increase occured in May current year. To note that list price … Continue reading

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Holbrook Raises Age to Buy Cigarettes to 19

Smoking Woman

Authorities in Holbrook, New York, prohibited sale of synthetic marijuana in town and increased legal age to buy tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to 19. The change comes into effect from January, 1, 2015. Last week, the Holbrook Board of Health with the majority of votes adopted a law which increases the age from 18 to 19 to legally buy tobacco … Continue reading

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Westminster Considers Banning Sale of Tobacco Products


At the beginning of the week Westminster Board of Health organized public hearings on the proposal to prohibit sale of tobacco products in the town. There came 70 people to express their opinion on the subject. It turned out the the majority of them is against the ban. Selectmen cannot participate in voting for the proposal but they attentively listened … Continue reading

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New Dunhill Cigarette Contains Capsule

Dunhill Fine Cut Switch

  The Korean subdivision of British American Tobacco introduced first superslim version of  Dunhill cigarettes which contains natural extracts. Specialists on  Dunhill blendings created new cigarette called Dunhill Fine Cut Switch 1MG. For this new variety they used fine tobacco leaves of highest quality grown in Maryland.  This gives to Dunhill a new original premium flavour which makes a mild … Continue reading

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