Public Comment on Smoking Ban at Oregon Coast Beaches

Oregon beaches

In state of Oregon this week will take place public meetings where is going to be discussed smoking ban on the state beaches. The first meeting is appointed today. The proposal comes from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Commission, which prohibited smoking at all Oregon parks in February current year. The Commission wants that smoking cigarettes to be banned … Continue reading

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Manhattan Beach Extends Smoking Ban

Smoking Woman

Smoking ban in Manhattan Beach begins on Monday and it is the strictest anti-smoking laws in the state of California. The Manhattan Beach City Council took a decision in June to prohibit smoking in all public places, which includes use of cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Earlier smoking was banned in parks, on the greenbelt, on beach.  However, smoking still will … Continue reading

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New Jersey Increases to 21 Cigarettes Buying Age


In New Jersey there was proposed to increase age to buy cigarettes to 21. According to experts, the anti-smoking initiatives to prohibit smoking in public places first appeared more than 30 years ago, when numerous researchers came with a negative opinions about smoking. Today anti-smoking fight has a great success locally in cities and counties, and gradually will have success … Continue reading

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Reynolds American Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Reynolds American

Last Friday, on August 2, tobacco company Reynolds American Inc. celebrated its 10th anniversary of company’s creation. Reynolds American finished its $4.4 billion purchase of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. on July 30, 2004. This has arised discussions about the benefits of this purchase for the future of company. In order to finish the deal successfully, the directors of Reynolds … Continue reading

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Exercises Help Depressed Smokers to Quit


A new study shows that depressed people have difficulties with quitting smoking. Scientists say that depressed people can hardly go through symptoms following quitting such as insomnia, cravings and anxiety. However, extra exercises may help smokers quit faster. Even simple walking can help here. The co-author of the stufy is Gregory Moullec, a postdoctoral researcher in the department of exercise … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban on Oregon Beaches

Cigarette Butts on the Beach

The state of Oregon in the USA wants to prohibit smoking cigarettes on all its beaches which do occupy 362 miles along the Pacific coast. The proposal came from  the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department which already banned smoking at most other state park properties. Chris Havel, the representative of the department, told that people complain that early adopted smoking … Continue reading

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No Smoking in Bars in New Orleans

Smoking Man

In New Orleans, Louisiana, was inaugurated Smoke-Free Week starting from this Monday and lasting till Friday. The Smoke-Free Week aims to increase awarness about negative effects of secondhand smoke exposure. Most exposed to tobacco smoke are bar workers. According to Healthier For All, who sponsors Smoke-Free Week, around hundred bars in  New Orleans became smoke-free in recent years. However, many … Continue reading

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Carnival and Norwegian to Ban Smoking on Balconies

Carnival and Norwegian to Ban Smoking on Balconies

In autumn Carnival Cruise Lines is going to prohibit smoking on cabin balconies. Smoking already is banned in all staterooms.  The idea to ban smoking came from numerous compains from passangers who do not want to breathe tobacco smoke. The line representatives told that the smoking ban on stateroom balconies is effective from October 9, 2014, and it comes in … Continue reading

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2014 Tour de France to be Smoke-Free

Tour de France

On July 5 in Leeds, England, starts Tour de France and the organizers call on visitors to protect, respect and enjoy the environment on the most important sporting event for cyclists. No smoking will be permitted. There are expected thousands of spectators to enjoy the event along the section of B6138 and the A58 next to Blackstone Edge Reservoir during … Continue reading

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Smoke-Free Movement in The Hub City

Smoking in Bar

West Texas Smoke Free Coalition decided to create a smoke-free movement in The Hub City. Today in the city smoking is permitted in bars, restaurants and cocktail lounges in designated areas. Bartender Antoine Craft is the member of the coalition and he says that they do fight for the right thing. People do not want to sit in a bar … Continue reading

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