The Great American Smokeout is on November 19

Quit Smoking

Annually in the USA takes place Great American Smokeout, in the course of which smokers are encouraged to quit their habit. The event is organized by American Cancer Society with the aim to reduce smoking rates in the country. This year Great American Smokeout takes place on November 19.

Health experts say that quitting smoking may help to prevent a number of diseases such as heart and lung disease, and lower risks for cancer development. Getting rid of smoking also lowers blood pressure and improves immunity. Doctors say that tobacco use may cause premature aging and appearing of early wrinkles. It also has negative effects on condition of skin and teeth.

Health experts pay a special attention on the fact that smoking affects people around you. Many studies in recent years showed that secondhand smoke has negative effects on people’s health. 2014 Surgeon General’s Report talks about millions of people affected by secondhand smoke exposure.

Besides this, thirdhand smoke also represents risks for health, especially of kids and elderly people. What  thirdhand smoke is? It is tobacco smoke that remains on hair, furniture, walls, clothes and other surfaces.

Today health experts are worried with use of e-cigarettes and their effects on health. There is limited data on e-cigarettes impact and its secondhand smoke on children.

Modern smoking cessation methods:
– counseling
– telephone hotlines
– nicotine replacement therapy
– online quit communities
– quit smoking applications for smartphones
– medications

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