44 Million Smokers in the USA


Though passed 50 years since release of the first surgeon general’s report on smoking and health, these days studies on effects of tobacco use still continue. Dr. Frieden and public health specialists in the USA are searching for better ways to help the 44 million American smokers to quit and to prevent youth from starting smoking. Dr. Frieden says that among doctors only 2% do smoke, and it would be nice to achieve this rate in the entire society.

Researches showed that smoking rates are highest among poor layers of society, poorly educated people, and among those suffering from mental diseases. Those categories can hardly reach smoking cessation aids.

Today New York City’s streets are filled with young people who smoke. They are  well dressed and well educated. What is the reason for that? Here the TV had its influence. For example, young women watching ”Sex in the City” think that smoking is sexy and cool. In their turn, young men are influenced by “Mad Men,” the popular TV series showing publicity agents in the early 1960s — times when most of American men smoked.

The WHO began a serious war against smoking in 2008 when was implemented program called Mpower:
– M stands for Monitoring tobacco use and prevention programs;
– P for Protecting from secondhand smoke;
– O for Offering help to the 70% of smokers who say they would like to quit;
– W for Warning about smoking effects through large graphic messages on cigarette packs and paid ads on TV and radio;
– E for Enforcing bans on tobacco advertising, marketing, promotion and sponsorship;
– R for Raising cigarette taxes.

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