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Smoking Banned in More Than 80% of American Homes

It was found that 4 out of 5 homes in the USA today prohibit smoking inside. The new report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that in previous two decades the number of smoke-free homes was significantly increased in the country from 43% in 1992 to 83%in 2010. These days homes become less tolerant towards smokers with 91.4% … Continue reading Continue reading

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Should Casinos become Smoke-Free?

In the state of New Jersey in Atlantic City there was organized East Coast Gaming Congress which takes place each year. On the meeting there was discussed state of affairs on the regional gaming market. However, there was not touched the subject regarding secondhand smoke exposure inside casinos in New Jersey and  Pennsylvania. The subject is quite important because at … Continue reading

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Smoking Ban in University of Vermont Faces Opposition

The University of Vermont will soon ban smoking on its campus. Student Abigail Earle told that she is indifferent to smoking ban but smokers will be quite displeased with this smoke-free initiative. The ban comes into action the next year. A research found that 26% of UVM students who currently smoke started the habit after living on-campus. The major aim … Continue reading

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Nevada Shows Highest Rate for Secondhand Smoke Exposure

According to a recent study, more than half of adult people in the state of Nevada are exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke and this is the highest rate in the USA. The state on the second place for secondhand smoke is just 10 percentage points lower than Nevada. John Packham, chief of Health Policy Research at the University of Nevada … Continue reading

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Local Governments to Consider Smoke-Free Laws

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living plans to introduce a smoke-free law in Monroe and West Monroe. If Ouachita Parish Police Jury apprived it, smoking will be prohibited in bingo halls and bars where smoking is permitted today. The proposed initiative will be presented to the West Monroe Board of Aldermen and Monroe City Council on September 10. It will … Continue reading

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UCSF to Go Completely Smoke-Free

The University of California, San Francisco is a health sciences university and health care institution recognized in the USA as best one. It will introduce a tobacco-free policy starting from September 3. Thus the University will demand from students, professors,  patients, trainees, contractors and volunteers to be tobacco-free. Usage of tobacco products will be prohibited on any University property including … Continue reading

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Tobacco products to face higher taxes

The Ministry of Health has suggested that the Government raises the price of tobacco for smokers in order to reduce the high smoking rates of smokers and passive smokers in Vietnam. The suggestion requires a higher level of duty on all tobacco products and for the lowest price for cigarettes marketed in duty free shops to be more tightly controlled. … Continue reading

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