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Mild Seven to become Mevius on Japanese cigarette market soon

Japan Tobacco Inc is planning to make Mevius the leading global premium cigarette brand. Currently, it is likely reasonable to state that the name Mevius is not popular all over the world, but it is assured a significant level of success since it is the new name of Mild Seven, one of the JT Group’s Global Flagship Brands. The Mild … Continue reading Continue reading

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The world of Vapor Couture

Vapor Couture is considered to be the only one series of electric cigarette developed specifically for women. More than just stylish design, Vapor Couture is the best in quality, vapor-production and customer support. Below there are the useful details that offer a short information of the products. Vapor Couture Starter Kits Vapor Couture is simple and reasonably priced when a … Continue reading

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Winston Cigarettes Advertising

Winston is a cigarette brand that is produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The brand was launched in 1954, and grew to be the top-selling brand of cigarettes in the USA. It kept the first place from 1966 to 1972, due to the successful advertising slogan “Winston tastes good like a cigarette should. In the last nationwide study in … Continue reading

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ITC’s 20% increase in revenue

India’s largest tobacco company, ITC, beat rates with a 20% increase in quarterly revenue as cigarette volumes increased after four quarters of flat growth, improved by the introduction of low-cost tobacco products during the quarter.   The company’s net revenue increased to Rs 2050 crore for the quarter ended December 2012. Net sales went up 23% to Rs 7630 crore. … Continue reading

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Inefficient Marlboro packaging design to discourage smoking

Erik Askin, an industrial designer, invented a new, may be effective, method to discourage smoking and to help smokers quit smoking. He came up with new format for cigarette packaging. New packaging design will make life harder for smokers. The designer tried to demonstrate the inefficiency of the new packaging using and depicting a Marlboro Red pack.    

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Philip Morris to rebrand Bright Leaf cigarette range

The tobacco company, Philip Morris Limited, intends to rebrand the Bright Leaf cigarette range with a new style this month.  Bright Leaf was introduced in 2009 as Marlboro Bright Leaf is developing to be Bright Leaf, while sustaining its position as a brand from the manufacturers of Marlboro. Marlboro Bright Leaf is presently over indexing in its target group. The … Continue reading

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JTI launches new Benson&Hedges Dual 10s

Right after the productive release of Benson&Hedges Dual 20s in summer 2012, Japan Tobacco International is expanding the collection with the launch of Benson&Hedges Dual 10s. New cigarettes are available from 1st January 2013. Sellers will be able to capitalise on the development of the new capsule cigarette segment. Benson&Hedges Dual is an inventive capsule cigarette which makes it possible … Continue reading

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No Evidence Electric Cigarettes Curb Smoking Addiction

There is no precise evidence that electric cigarettes are helpful in coping with smoking addiction and they should not be used by teenagers as they are still delivering nicotine, a research by the Italian Health Ministry reported on December 30. The devices frequently recognized as e-cigarettes have growing in popularity in Europe as well as the U.S. The Health Ministry … Continue reading

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