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Bay Area to Expand Exsisting Smoking Ban

Lawmakers in Bay Area in California are working over new anti-smoking restcrictions which would reduce number of public places where people could light up. Local authorities agreed to adopt an ordinance which would eliminate smoking from outdoor public events and dining areas and make housing apartments free of tobacco smoke. In case the smoking ban would be approved, smokers would … Continue reading Continue reading

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Princeton is 7th NJ City to Increase Tobacco Buying Age

Young people in Princeton, New Jersey, will no loner be able to buy cigarettes as the city increased to 21 the age for buying tobacco. On Monday, the city’s Health Board adopted new ordinance prohibiting tobacco sales to those under 21. Thus Princeton becomes the seventh city in New Jersey having such a legislation. According to Global Advisors on Smokefree … Continue reading

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Stamford Considers to Ban Smoking in Parks

Smokers in Stamford, the city located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, today in those beautiful spring days may enjoy smoking in city parks. However, in the nearest futureĀ  the city plans to adopt smoking ban in public spaces including parks. In March, the Parks and Recreation Commission passed a new smoke-free policy. It is likely that the health director of Stamford … Continue reading

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Raising to 21 Smoking Age Reduces Youth Tobacco Use

In 2005 Needham, the suburb of Boston, in its attempt to reduce tobacco use among youth decided to increase the legal age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. The measure resulted in significant tobacco use drop among high school students. It was a two times decline and this was a greatest result compared to surrounding suburbs. Needham with its … Continue reading

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No More Smoking in Cafes in Fort Lee City

Fort Lee in New Jersey became the first city in Bergen County to pass an ordinance which bans smoking in outdoor cafes and restaurants. The law acting today in the state of New Jersey already bans wafting of tobacco smoke in indoor work settings and public places. Anti-smoking activists claim thatĀ  local municipalities can pass their own anti-smoking ordinances, which … Continue reading

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