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University of Minnesota Campuses Become Tobacco-Free

Starting from summer 2014 four campuses of University of Minnesota will become tobacco and smoke free. The policy comes into action from July 1 and it prohibits use of tobacco, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco on university campuses in the Twin Cities, Rochester, Duluth and Crookston. The new policy bans distributing,selling and advertising tobacco products and e-cigarettes on university property.  The anti-tobacco … Continue reading Continue reading

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FDA Banned Sale of Several Tobacco Products

Under the 2009 law, the FDA for the first time prohibited in the USA sale of four hand-rolled cigarettes. The FDA wrote in a statement that these cigarettes are called bidis and are manufactured by Jash International. The tobacco company failed to meet the requirements of the Tobacco Control Act, which is created to reduce tobacco addiction among youth. The … Continue reading

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Smoking Cessation Guide

Most people believe that taking a drug helps to feel normally and weaken withdrawal symptoms, however, nicotine addiction isn’t that simple. People do smoke because the nicotine they have been inhaling for years has changed their brain chemistry to create strong urges to smoke. The urges appear because each cigarette smoked immediately sends a signal to the brain that makes … Continue reading

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Smoke-Free Sochi

Standing outside a Cinnabon store in the mountains in Sochi, Anna Ivanova,   25-year-old from Moscow, smoked a menthol cigarettes. She said that she did not thought that Russian authorities would make Sochi smoke-free for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Anna said she was surprised with that initiative. Today many people smoke in Russia because Russia has cheapest cigarettes in Europe. … Continue reading

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Reynolds American Profit More Than Doubled in 4Q

In fourth-quarter Reynolds American Inc reported two times higher profits in comparison with last year due to establishment of lower legal expenses and higher prices on cigarettes. Reynolds American Inc is second large tobacco company in the USA. The manufacturer of Pall Mall and Camel cigarettes told that during the quarter the number of cigarettes sold by its R.J. Reynolds … Continue reading

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Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes are Sold in Russia

These days Russia is on front pages of all newspapers due to 2014 Winter Olimpic Games that take place in Sochi. The images with double toilettes and tap water made around the world, however, not all is bad in Russia. If you are a smoker you may be happy to know that Russia has very low price for Marlboro cigarettes … Continue reading

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Residents in Jessamine County Support Smoking Ban

Asbury University’s psychology department recently conducted a poll in Jessamine County which demonstrated that 62.6% of residents support the idea of smoking ban in bars, restaurants and workplaces. 66.2% support a county law to ban smoking in workplaces. Randy Gooch, the chief of health department is not surprised with the results of the poll because polls conducted earlier in state … Continue reading

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Top Five Leading Tobacco Companies in the World

1. Altria/Philip Morris USA – $23.8 billion revenue Besed in the USA, Altria Group Inc. was known at the beginning as Philip Morris Companies Inc.  Altria is the parent company of Philip Morris USA,  Philip Morris Capital Corporation, US Smokeless Tobacco Company, John Middleton Inc. and Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. Altria earned revenues of $23.8 billion, with a net … Continue reading

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