Quit Smoking Methods That Will Work for You

Stop Smoking

An expert says there are some effective quit smoking methods which will make you get rid of the habit for good.

Dr. Gordon Strauss, a psychiatrist specializing in smoking cessation at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City came with his cessation advice prior to the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout which took place on November 19.

According to Dr. Gordon Strauss, you need to change the way you smoke cigarettes. What the talk is about? He explains that you should smoke cigarettes on an established shedule instead of smoking them at any urge. This will help to separate smoking from its triggers.

Then he advices to join a quit smoking community in order to get support from them and use approved anti-smoking medications.

One more important advice is to keep away from smokers, because secondhand smoke and watching someone light up are most popular triggers. In case a member of your family is a smoker, then you should tell him about your intention to quit and together make up some rules where he will smoke, so that you could keep the distance.

The doctor says it is very good to learn to manage daily stress with the help of healthy activities such as meditation and breathing exercises. For many smokers, stress is one of major triggers.

Create a quitting sсhedule so that you could prepare for it, and get rid of lighters and ashtrays. During the day repeat for many times “I am a non-smoker”  like a mantra.

You should not give up if you do not succeed at once. Move on!

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