University of Louisiana Bans Tobacco on Campus


From August 1, 2014, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette prohibits tobacco use on its campuses. Joey Pons, associate director of Public Safety at UL Lafayette, says that the new state law imposes that public universities should have smoke-free policies. Now smoking is allowed at the distance of 25 feet away from building entrances, but the new policy will totally ban smoking on university campuses.

The policy’s aim is to remove secondhand smoke from campuses. In order to inform students and staff about the new policy there will be developed special materials so that everyone could be aware about it. Those who want to quit will have access to smoking cessation tools. By the autumn the university wants to launch a Breathe Easy educational campaign.

For the development of the new policy the tobacco-free working group took into consideration opinion of staff, faculty members and students, and aslo the experiences of other universities. The University Council made up from top-level university administrators reviewed the group’s recommendations and approved the policy.

Everyone visiting the University of Louisiana should be aware about the next exceptions:
–  use of e-cigarettes is not banned, but they are allowed only outdoors;
–  use of cigarettes is allowed at tailgating spaces outside athletic facilities during NCAA sports events;
– smoking is allowed in cars parked in university lots or on public streets on campus, but not parked within university parking garages.

The policy will be reviewed on spring 2015. In the USA more than thousand universities are smoke-free, among them 925 are tobacco-free and 167 prohibit the use of e-cigarettes on campus.

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