What Makes Teenagers Smoke?

Smoking Teenager

A new research made in Canada found that among teenagers who smoke for a short period of time, boys are more likely to quit than girls. Moreover, girls and boys who make sports and are frightened by warnings on cigarette packs, are more likely to quit. Most of all teenagers are attracted by slim cigarettes, such as Glamour.

The results of the study appeared at in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

In the research participated 620 girls and boys in Montreal, aged 12 – 13, who had recently started smoking at least from time to time. 40% of teenagers told that their parents were smokers, 90% had friends who smoked and 80% frequently see their teachers smoking. The period of research was five years and during that time 40% of teenagers managed to quit smoking. The research showed that boys were 80% more likely to get rid of that habit than girls. Teens who were older were more likely to quit than younger ones.

Young boys and girls who told they were frightened by text warnings on cigarette packs were 44% more likely to quit. Those who occupied with sports were 40% more likely to quit. The researchers determined factors which prevent teens from quitting. Mainly these are weight problems and family stress.

Authors of the study concluded that families leading healthy lifestyles may prevent their kids from starting smoking as they show them a good example of not smoking. Parents who smoke should understand that children may be influenced by their example. It is very important to identify and reduce sources of family stress. Teenagers and kids should be engaged in sports and other healthy activities.

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