Millville to Ban Smoking on Public Property

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Millville, located in Cumberland County municipality in New Jersey, wants to prohibit smoking on public property.  In case it adopts such a law it would be a positive decision which will help to promote a healthy lifestyle. At the moment it is the least healthy county in New Jersey.

Report released in 2013 by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute and the Princeton-based Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed that there are 24% of adult smokers in the county. The average rate of smokers in the state of New Jersey is 16%. However, the smoking rate in the county had reduced since 2011 and 2012 when it was 25%. Specialists say that almost 400 people gave up smoking and this figure is still low. Still many people continue to smoke. They prefer to order cigarettes online.

Emma Lopez, health educator with the Vineland Department of Health, says that now with the smoking ban the situation is going to be impoved. The county tries to promote healthy lifestyles for years. For example, Cumberland Health and Wellness Alliance has developed a program to help Cumberland County residents make healthier food and lifestyle choices.

Lopez along with Kim Burns, of Tobacco Free for a Healthy New Jersey, claim that smoking bans on public property in Lawrence, Fairfield, Vineland and Bridgeton are helping to reduce smoking rates among adults.  In those municipalities smoking is banned in most parks and recreational facilities. State law bans smoking inside public buildings.

Lopez and Burns  asked Millville City Commission to ban smoking and the use of e-cigarettes in parks and on public property. The ban in Millville could go hand in hand with a program which will help improve the overall health of its residents.

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