Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes are Sold in Russia

Marlboro Prices Worldwide

These days Russia is on front pages of all newspapers due to 2014 Winter Olimpic Games that take place in Sochi. The images with double toilettes and tap water made around the world, however, not all is bad in Russia. If you are a smoker you may be happy to know that Russia has very low price for Marlboro cigarettes in comparison with USA and Canada.

According to Numbeo, a web database of the prices of goods and services around the world, in Eastern Europe are registered lowest prices for Marlboro:
Russia – $1.73 per pack
Ukraine – $1.6 per pack
Belarus – $1.5 per pack
Moldova – $1.48 per pack

In EU contries you will find cheapest Marlboro cigarettes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where a pack costs $2.56. In Serbia and Albania also are registered quite low prices – $2.72 for a pack of Marlboros.

However, lowest Marlboro price is found in Pakistan where you should pay only 98 cents.

Highest price for Marlboros is in Australia –  $16.11, it is 16 times higher than in Pakistan! As you see, today Australia is the most expensive place to purchase cigarettes. Generally, cigarettes are more expensive in Europe and North America.

In the USA you should pay $6 for a pack of Marlboro while in Canada – $9.26.

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