Potland Expands Smoking Ban to All Parks

Smoking in Park

Represetatives of Portland Parks and Recreation told on Monday that the existing smoking ban in several city parks would be expanded to all city parks starting from July 1. According to the parks department, the new expanded smoking ban would become permanent for all park zones controlled by the department. They explain that the move would help to protect parks … Continue reading Continue reading

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Waco Considering Complete Smoking Ban in Bars


The City Council of Waco, Texas, wants to prohibit use of cigarettes in restaurants, bars, workplaces and most public spaces. The proposal of such a ban came from the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District board. It wants to eliminate exemptions existing in the ordinance regarding smoking in bars and venues that have separately ventilated smoking sections. The new ordinance would … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Considers Restricting Flavored Tobacco Sales

Smoking Woman

Officials in Minneapolis want to impose more severe restrictions on the sale of flavored tobacco. Those who proposed the idea say that the restriction will help to keep e-cigarettes and flavoured little cigars from attracting young smokers. However, convenience store owners oppose the initiative saying that it goes too far. Back in 2009, Minneapolis banned flavored cigarettes, except menthols. However, … Continue reading

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JTI Korea Launced New Camel

Camel Evolution Super Slims

Japan Tobacco International Korea announced last week about launch of new variety of Camel cigarettes called Camel Evolution Super Slims. This is first super slim Camel with low amount of tar. The version was already put into sale. The tobacco company said it will be sold only on local market in Korea. The new product is characterized with a smooth … Continue reading

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Senate in California Voted for Raising Smoking Age

Smoking Woman

Senate in California, USA, passed a legislation which increases the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. This decision is going to make California one of the US states with the highest smoking age. The legislation was approved with 26 Senate members votes for and 8 votes against. After that is was sent to state Assembly for approval. The author … Continue reading

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FTC Approved Reynolds-Lorillard Business Deal


Tobacco company Reynolds American Inc wants to dissociate one e-cigarette brand and four tobacco cigaretts brands in order to win approval from Federal Trade Commission with its $27.4 billion deal with Lorillard Inc. With 3-2 vote the comission signed an important deal in the course of which Reynolds purchases Newport cigarettes brand that is second popular brand in the USA … Continue reading

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Tougher Tobacco Rules in Sonoma


Authorities in Sonoma, California, want to impose stricter regulations to tobacco retailers in order to make it more difficult for children to buy slim cigarettes in shops. Last week the City Council passed a measure that does not allow new businesses to sell cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products in the town. It took several months to … Continue reading

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New Tobacco Regulation in Danvers

Smoking Woman

At the beginning of May the  Board of Health in Denvers, Massachusetts, unanimously adopted a number of laws which regulate use and sale of tobacco products in the city. The new law modified the definion og tobacco products and it now includes all non-FDA regulated e-cigarettes and such tobacco products as pipes, hookahs, cigars, and even little cigars. The law … Continue reading

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Burlingame to Consider Smoke-Free Policy in Apartments

Smoking Woman

Burlingame may become next city in San Mateo County, California, that does not allow using cigarettes inside apartments and other multi-unit housing buildings.  The issue is going to be discussed today in the City Council. The major aim of adopting such a policy is protection of apartements residents from secondhand smoke exposure. In case the majority of the council votes … Continue reading

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Gov. Fallin Signed a Tobacco-Free Law in Oklahoma

Smoking Woman

Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma state, last week signed a bill into the law which imposes that all public and private schools in the state should be tobacco-free. The law is called “24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act” and prohibits use of all kinds of tobacco in school vehicles, school campuses, all school-sanctioned and  school-sponsored events and activities. The authors of the … Continue reading

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