JTI Korea Launced New Camel

Japan Tobacco International Korea announced last week about launch of new variety of Camel cigarettes called Camel Evolution Super Slims. This is first super slim Camel with low amount of tar.

The version was already put into sale. The tobacco company said it will be sold only on local market in Korea. The new product is characterized with a smooth taste and is packed in a package with an urban design. It is made for stylish smoking adults aged 25-35.

Camel Evolution Super Slims

According to a market research data, in April there was reported a dramatic increase in sales of Camel cigarettes. Comapred to similar period in 2014, now the sales are five times higher.

JTI Korea wrote in a press release:
“Camel Evolution Super Slims provides smokers an opportunity to experience international quality super slims from a global brand at the attractive price of 4,000 won.”

There are two types of Camel Evolution Super Slims: Camel Evolution Super Slims 1mg and Camel Evolution Super Slims 3mg. The first variety contains 1 milligram of tar and 0.10 milligram of nicotine, while the second 3 milligrams of tar and 0.30 milligram of nicotine

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