Waco Considering Complete Smoking Ban in Bars


The City Council of Waco, Texas, wants to prohibit use of cigarettes in restaurants, bars, workplaces and most public spaces.

The proposal of such a ban came from the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District board. It wants to eliminate exemptions existing in the ordinance regarding smoking in bars and venues that have separately ventilated smoking sections.

The new ordinance would ban smoking in city parks within 25 feet of the door of a nonsmoking establishment.

However, there will be exemptions for cigar bars, smoke shops, outdoor workplaces,  designated hotel rooms.

This week, on Thursday, the City Council would have first voting on the ordinance, and then the final decision will be taken on the second voting. The business meeting will take place at the Waco Convention Center’s Bosque Theatre.

Malcolm Duncan Jr., the City Mayor, told that the new ordinance is a good step towards healthy environments in public spaces. It will help to protect people from secondhand smoke exposure at their workplaces. He told that most people he was spken to expressed their support for the ban rather than opposition.

People in the community believe that with the smoking ban their community would become more healthy and they want it to breathe clean air. These days more and more communities tend to choose smoke-free environments in public spaces.

Back in 2009 similar ordinance was proposed for the first time, however, it was not approved. The 2009 was designed to make improvements into smoke-free ordinance 2002.

However, this time several Council members showed their support for smoke-free ordinance and that is the reason it has a bog chance to be finally adopted. Those Council members are Alice Rodriguez and Wilbert Austin who voted against the similar law in 2009.

Council member  Sammy Citrano already told that he will vote against it.

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