New Tobacco Regulation in Danvers

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At the beginning of May the  Board of Health in Denvers, Massachusetts, unanimously adopted a number of laws which regulate use and sale of tobacco products in the city.

The new law modified the definion og tobacco products and it now includes all non-FDA regulated e-cigarettes and such tobacco products as pipes, hookahs, cigars, and even little cigars.

The law aims to protect teens from starting smoking and it says that the legal age to buy tobacco products is 21. Data shows that 90% of kids at Danvers High School under the age of 18 who smoked cigarettes accessed them through classmates who were of legal age.

The sale of such products is not allowed in any health care and educational institution. Cigarettes will no longer be sold in pharmacies. Cigarettes should not be sold within 500 feet of a school.

Thus retailers that sell tobacco products are required to ask for an ID if they see a young man attempting to buy a pack of cigarettes. In such shops there must be placed  special signs with information about quitting aid.

Retalier who wants to sell tobacco products will have to apply each year for a special permission and be subjected to sudden inspections from the Board of Health.

Blunt wraps  are totally banned while individually sold cigars are demaned to cost minimum $2.50 if sold singularly and minimum $5 if sold in quantities of two or more.  Machines of tobacco products and “self-service displays” and “Roll-Your-Own” and  are banned.

Retailers violating the law will be subjected to fines from $100 and  seven-day suspension for the first offence, and $300 fine and permanent suspension for next offence.

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