Gov. Fallin Signed a Tobacco-Free Law in Oklahoma

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Mary Fallin, Governor of Oklahoma state, last week signed a bill into the law which imposes that all public and private schools in the state should be tobacco-free. The law is called “24/7 Tobacco-Free Schools Act” and prohibits use of all kinds of tobacco in school vehicles, school campuses, all school-sanctioned and  school-sponsored events and activities. The authors of the law are Sen. Jim Halligan and Rep. Lee Denney.

Mary Fallin says that many schools in Oklahoma decided to go smoke-free and voluntary banned use of tobacco on their grounds. The new law would protect all kids and stuff from secondhand smoke exposure.

According to Fallin, this is most effective measure to reduce tobacco’s influence on kids. Data shows that 83% of students in Oklahoma do attend schools where use of tobacco is prohibited 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This is an optimistic information. The ban in form of state law will help to protect the remaining 17% of kids from exposure to tobacco when they are at school.

Dewey Public Schools Superintendent Dr. David Wilkins and  Bartlesville Public School District’s Community Relations Coordinator Jamye Ryan claim that two districts already do not allow use of all tobacco products in school vehicles and on  school property.

Caney Valley Public Schools Superintendent Rick Peters told that up to date use of tobacco was prohibited on school property only during school hours and school activities and people could light up when it was allowed. The CVPS Board of Education is going to make modifications in the district’s policy to be a 24/7 ban in compliance with the measure.

Mary Fallin claims that each year Oklahoma state spends $3.7 billion on medical expenses and lost productivity due to tobacco use. The new law will go into action in 90 days after it was signed by the Governor.

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