Potland Expands Smoking Ban to All Parks

Smoking in Park

Represetatives of Portland Parks and Recreation told on Monday that the existing smoking ban in several city parks would be expanded to all city parks starting from July 1.

According to the parks department, the new expanded smoking ban would become permanent for all park zones controlled by the department. They explain that the move would help to protect parks from fires and litter, and also promote healthy lifestyle.

Officials say that the ban would not be as strict as it is these days. People who will violate the smoke-free ordinance for several times may be excluded from parks or face a fine.

Amanda Fritz, theĀ  City Commissioner, told that they plan to present ordinance improvements to the City Council on Wednesday. It should be said that the ordinance to be enforced by the parks department.

Fritz explains that smoke-free policy in Portland parks aims to promote healthy environments in the city and does not intend to criminalize smokers. He believes that people understand the importance of such a move and will comply to the new policy. Smoke-free environment will be beneficial for everyone.

Smokers violating the policy will be asked to leave the park.

Today Pioneer Courthouse Square, Director Park and a part of South Park Blocks on the campus of Portland State University prohibit smoking.

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