Cigarette ad placement in Great Kills is troubling

A row of eye-level advertisements for an unhealthy, addictive product has some people who’ve spotted them wondering why they’re there.

Cigarette Advertisement

Cigarette advertisements on Amboy Road, across from the Francis School in Great Kills

Advertisements for six brands of cigarettes are displayed directly across from the Amboy Road entrance and exit of the Francis School in Great Kills, which also houses the recently relocated Staten Island Montessori School. The signs are posted along a fence and are on the property of the BP gas station.

While the Francis School declined to comment, others had plenty to say about the ads.

Rose Campanelli, an Eltingville resident, noticed the tobacco advertisements several weeks ago. She finds the positioning of the placards to be “odd.”

“I saw it once and it bothered me,” she said, noting it was spotted by her when she was heading into the plaza that houses Puglia of Hester Street.

“I find it hard that even the school didn’t make a comment. It’s the first thing the kids see when they enter the school and the last thing they see when they leave the school,” said Ms. Campanelli. She doesn’t have any children who attend the Francis School.

While sitting in the school’s parking lot, one man glanced over and was surprised to see the ads.

“I don’t like seeing that,” he said, noting he didn’t want his name used. “But what can you do?”

Phone calls to the BP gas station were not returned.

The mother of a Montessori student, Josie, called the cigarette ad placement “interesting.”

“I never thought about that being right in the kids’ faces. It’s very alarming,” she said. “For young impressionable kids, that sticks out, and that’s troubling.”

Though the woman admitted she’d never paid much attention to the signs, there’s a good chance the students have.

“We’re all trying to help kids in this generation, so why would they do that? I find it so sad that (the service station) would do that, especially across from the school,” Ms. Campanelli continued. “I find it wrong.”

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