Kent Click 1 mg launched in Korea

British American Tobacco Korea this week launched Kent Click 1 mg, according to a story in The Korea Times.

Kent Convertibles

British American Tobacco's Kent Convertibles cigarettes

The company, which last year launched Kent Click 6 mg, said the new product was the world’s first Kent 1 mg capsule cigarette offering two tastes in a single product.

It added that smokers can enjoy the king-size cigarette with a tar level reduced to 1 milligram for 2,700 won a pack.

The Click concept is based on a capsule in the filter that the smoker can squeeze to release a burst of flavour at any time during consumption of the cigarette.

The low-tar version maintains the successful selling point of Kent Click 6MG, as smokers can experience a different taste by clicking the capsule.

Kashif Khwaja, executive director, marketing, at BAT Korea, was quoted as saying that the company expected that the new product would duplicate the success of its predecessor.

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