New ultra slim filter for RYO consumers

Filtrona Filter Products has launched a new ultra slim filter to meet the needs of roll-your-own consumers using extra slim papers.

New Ultra Slim Filter

Filtrona's new ultra slim filter

In a press note, Filtrona said the new Micro Slim RYO filter, with a diameter of 4.7 mm and a circumference of 14.7 mm, was the smallest RYO filter yet. It was 66 per cent smaller than king size filters and 12.5 per cent smaller than super slim filters.

In recent years, the popularity of smaller RYO products has increased among consumers keen to tackle rising cigarette costs.

“By using the new Micro Slim RYO filter in conjunction with extra slim papers and less, or expanded, tobacco, consumers can achieve the desired smooth and elegant smoking experience whilst also taking advantage of the cost benefits of combining all these components to reduce the overall cost per cigarette,” said Chris Franklin, innovation and new business development director.

The Micro Slim RYO filter, which is currently available in loose tip format and menthol flavor, is the latest addition to Filtrona’s recently launched RYO range of filter tips.

Also in the range are the Diamond Menthol Pop-a-Tip and the Sensation Tip RYO filters, which are available in a choice of sizes and paper and carbon options.

Filtrona says that all of the products in the RYO range are available packaged in retail-ready, customer-branded bags or boxes, in any conceivable shape or size, including unusual and novelty designs. This packaging service, which was launched in September, includes arranging for the packaged products to be delivered to any distribution center requested by the customer.

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