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Cigarette ad placement in Great Kills is troubling

A row of eye-level advertisements for an unhealthy, addictive product has some people who’ve spotted them wondering why they’re there. Advertisements for six brands of cigarettes are displayed directly across from the Amboy Road entrance and exit of the Francis School in Great Kills, which also houses the recently relocated Staten Island Montessori School. The signs are posted along a … Continue reading Continue reading

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“Teenage cigarette ads” withdrawn after public backlash

Donskoy Tabak tobacco company has had to withdraw its Sweet Dreams cigarette advertisements that critics said targeted teenage girls. The company said it made the decision after the advertisements caused a ‘wide public resonance,” Vedomosti reported. The ads used slogans such as “If you’re not allowed, but you really want it, then you can have it!” The controversial advertisements caught … Continue reading

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The World's Toughest Cigarette Ad Law

Cigarette advertising – in nearly any form or media – will be completely banned, if the Health Ministry has its way. The Ministry on Wednesday published a “memorandum of law” (tazkir chok) – a document distributed to the public by a government office in advance of a formal law proposal – which would “generally prohibit the advertisement of tobacco products … Continue reading

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