Public Comment on Smoking Ban at Oregon Coast Beaches

Oregon beaches

In state of Oregon this week will take place public meetings where is going to be discussed smoking ban on the state beaches. The first meeting is appointed today.

The proposal comes from the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department Commission, which prohibited smoking at all Oregon parks in February current year. The Commission wants that smoking cheap cigarettes to be banned on all 362 miles of beach along the Pacific coast.

The meetings will start at 7 p.m. and will take place in next locations:
– Seaside Public Library (August 20);
– Central Lincoln Public Utility District in Newport (August 21);
– Coos Bay Public Library (Aug. 26);
– North Mall Office Building in Salem (Aug. 28).

Chris Havel, the representative for the Commission, says that the idea to ban smoking on beaches came after getting numerous complaints from residents who told that the earlier ban pushed more smokers onto the coastline. In case smoking will be prohibited on beaches, there will be significantly reduced litter on sand.

However, not all people support the proposal, The opposers claim that the ban will meet difficulties while enforcement, because it would be impossible to prevent smokers from lighting up on the beaches.

When the state organized public hearing on the smoking ban in parks, totally 135 people came, and among them 80 comments where For the ban and 55 against. The law was adopted.

In case new smoking ban is passed, smokers will no longer have the right to light up on the beaches. However, they still can do it in their cars, in designated rest areas and in campsites. Smokers violating the law will have to pay a fine from $60 to $110.

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