Manhattan Beach Extends Smoking Ban

Smoking Woman

Smoking ban in Manhattan Beach begins on Monday and it is the strictest anti-smoking laws in the state of California.

The Manhattan Beach City Council took a decision in June to prohibit smoking in all public places, which includes use of cigars, cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Earlier smoking was banned in parks, on the greenbelt, on beach.  However, smoking still will be permitted on private property, in personal cars and in 20% of hotel guest rooms.

In order to notify people about the new anti-smoking regulations, in the city there were placed banners of “Breathe Free MB” campaign. Also in the course of the campaign volunteers have spread flyers and educating business owners about the smoking ban. Local authorotoes say that they will do their best to inform visitors about the new law.

A number of bar owners along The Strand told that they do support the smoking ban. In the course of the survey, there was found that in Manhattan Beach there are only 7% smokers. Today more and more people in the USA refuse from cigarettes.

Smoking is already prohibited in patios where people are dining. Such smoking ban helps to protect people from the effects of secondhand smoke. However, some people consider that it would never do to ban the use of e-cigarettes. Smoker Peter says he switched to e-cgarettes as a way to quit, and now he should face a smoking ban on them.

Smokers could face fines of up to $1,000 for several violations.

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