Wilson Tobacco Market Celebrated 125 Years of Foundation


In 1890 in September the Wilson Tobacco Market for the first time began to sell the golden tobacco leaf.  Most popular newspaper of the time was The Wilson Mirror published an advertisment which recommended tobacco growers to bring their crop to Wilson to sell it, because the market is closer to them and they would save money on warehouse fees.

Ed M. Pace, manager of Wilson Tobacco Warehouse, wrote in the ads  “Come with your tobacco, see it handled and sold, get your money and go home happy.”

First tobacco warehouses appeared in the mid-1800s when tobacco auctions moved inside. Due to appearing of tobacco warehouses, tobacco was brought to cities and sold in the streets.  By 1890, tobacco farmers along with warehousemen from North Carolina’s border counties and Virginia took a decision to create in Wilson a tobacco market, which soon became the world’s greatest flue-cured tobacco market.

On August 12, representatives of tobacco industry, tobacco farmers and community representatives met at United Tobacco Company in order to celebrate 125th anniversary of opening of the Wilson Tobacco Market.

As agriculture agent Norman Harrell said, Today the market is known as The World’s Greatest Tobacco Market and even these days it is the center of tobacco production and leaf sales.

The celebration of this year started in the morning at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast succeeded by remarks by Steve Troxler, who is agriculture commissioner in North Carolina. The discussions were about bright future and important past events. There were invited around 100 participants.

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