Smoking Ban on Oregon Beaches

Cigarette Butts on the Beach

The state of Oregon in the USA wants to prohibit smoking cigarettes on all its beaches which do occupy 362 miles along the Pacific coast. The proposal came from  the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department which already banned smoking at most other state park properties.

Chris Havel, the representative of the department, told that people complain that early adopted smoking ban in parks made smokers move to beaches. Thus new smoking ban will not only protect people from secondhand exposure but also reduce litter on beaches.

In August 29 there will take place public comment on the smoking ban proposal and it is going to be discussed in Newport, Salem, Seaside and Coos Bay. Those who will violate the new law will be subjected to a $110 fine. The agency says that at the beginning people will be informed about smoking ban and asked to butt out their cigarette.

Totally in state of Oregon there are 548 park rangers and the majority of them are seasonal. Park rangers are those who will apply the law in 224 state parks and on the beaches. Present anti-smoking law prohibits smoking on state park properties except  campsite and personal cars.

Park rangers already do ask smokers to butt out their cigarette but the right to impose fines they will get only in 2015. Governor John Kitzhaber back in 2012 imposed agencies to find ways to restrict smoking on public property. As a result smoking was banned not only inside but also outside state buildings.

Activits from environmental organization SOLVE say that during their cleanups on beaches most frequently they find cigarettes butts on the sand. So smoking ban on the beaches is only welcome.

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