Motivational Interviewing for Quitting

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It is a well known fact that smoking habit can hardly be changed. To help smokers deal with their habit a technique called motivational interviewing can help. With the help of it smokers may quit for good by exploring reasons why they use cigarettes, why they want to get rid of them and what difficulties they may face while quitting.

How motivational interviewing works? It encourages smoker’s personal choice and decision which mainly do drive the change. Like other techniques and methods it does not emphasize the importance of knowing scientific and medical facts to justify change.

Though smokers are aware about effects of smoking on their health, data shows that in the USA 1 out of 5 smokers continue to smoke. However, seems like medical facts do not represent persuasive motivation for some smokers who want to get rid of their habit and take action. A research demonstrated that less than 10% of individuals who say they would like to stop smoking are able to do so without any kind of help.

Generally, people have different reasons to quit, but knowing and dealing with key personal reasons which motivate smoker to get rid of the habit may lead to success or failure.
The counseling technique of motivational interviewing is considered to be non-confrontational and non-aggressive one. It helps smoker to be more confident and makes smokers choose by themselves their own path towards a change and resolve uncertainties related to quitting.

Initially, motivational interviewing was created for getting rid of alcohol abuse, but it demonstrated its effectiveness in quitting smoking where behavior change is the aim.

Motivation is a very important component of making significant lifestyle changes. Motivational interviewing helps individual smokers explore what motivates them, personally, to quit, which makes it a very useful tool.

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