Camel Naturals to Appear in Japan

Camel CigarettesLast week, on November 25,  famous tobacco company Japan Tobacco Inc  told about its plans to launch two brand new versions of Camels which would have no added flavorings.  The versions are called “Camel Natural Lights Box” and “Camel Natural Box”.

Both versions of Camels will be launced in mid-December in select markets in Japan.

According to David Howard, the spokesman for Reynolds American Inc., the tobacco company has no plans yet to launch similar Camel Naturals in the USA.

RJR Nabisco Holdings Corp. is the predecessor to Reynolds, who previously owned such cigarettes brands as Camel, Winston, Salem, More, Doral, Vantage and Now.

However, in 1999 the company sold internationsl rights for these brands to Japan Tobacco for $8 billion.

Nowadays  Japan Tobacco sells Camel cigarettes brand in more than 100 markets worldwide.

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