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Quit Smoking

Most people believe that taking a drug helps to feel normally and weaken withdrawal symptoms, however, nicotine addiction isn’t that simple. People do smoke because the nicotine they have been inhaling for years has changed their brain chemistry to create strong urges to smoke. The urges appear because each cigarette smoked immediately sends a signal to the brain that makes you do things, and this creates a connection between the drug and the action.

Take into consideration next tips:
1. Give up by your mid-thirties
Every day of smoking after 30s makes you lose six hours of your life. It means smokers live an 18-hour day until they quit. From the moment you quit there starts a recovery of life expectancy and you add six hours daily back. However, it is never too late to stop smoking. At any age it is beneficial to you. If you start quitting at your thirties, you will succeed when you will turn fourty. Therefore better to stop before 30s.

2. Harm reduction is effective
Reducing the number of cigarettes you usually smoke is not effective without a real desire to quit totally.  Specialists say if you are not ready to stop, then you should not reduce the amount of cigarettes. In case you decide to reduce it anyway then use a nicotine replacement product.

3. It’s best to stop abruptly
Around 40% of smokers try to quit gadually. However, long term quitting will not work for you. You should quit smoking abruptly ! Why? When you try to stop gradually, every remaining cigarette becomes more rewarding and it creates a powerful connection with the situation you smoke it in.

4. Chewing glucose tablets helps
People who ever tried quitting say that craving for cigarettes felt like a hunger in the pit of their stomach. That is why you should first satisfy your hunger and then reduce the craving. Good results shows chewing glucose tablets or any low-calorie sweet.

5. Breathing exercises
Studies showed that breathing exercises greatly help to reduce craving for cigarettes. Try it and you will see it greatly works.

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