Yoga and Meditation Practices for Smoking Cessation

Yoga nad Meditation

Till today there was made a very small number of studies on how mind and body may work together for smoking cessation. A recent one suggests that yoga along with meditation techniques may help people quit smoking.

The results of the research were published in the journal called Drug and Alcohol Dependence.  It was funded by NCCAM.

In the course of the research the scientists reviewed 14 clinical investigations to evaluate the effect of mind and body practices on smoking cessation in order to find new ways to deal with nicotine addiction in smoking people.

Of the 14, 3 studies used breathing techniques, 3 used yoga and 8 concentrated on meditation.

These are results of the study:
– 2 studies reported 20% and 26% decreases in the number of cigarettes smoked per day;
– 6 studies examined the effects of mind and body practices on cigarette cravings and desire to smoke and found significant drops in both;
–  in 5 studies there were found smoking abstinence rates of 21% to 56% after treatment;
– generally, all 14 studies showed some positive results related to quitting smoking.

Scientists said that due to the limitations of the research available, more studies are needed in order to determine if yoga and meditation are really effective in smoking cessation. Also they said that there is a need for the future directions in mind and body research which would include clinical investigations with objective measures of meditation and yoga techniques, sufficient control conditions, standardized results

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