Smoking Ban in University of Vermont Faces Opposition

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The University of Vermont will soon ban smoking on its campus. Student Abigail Earle told that she is indifferent to smoking ban but smokers will be quite displeased with this smoke-free initiative. The ban comes into action the next year. A research found that 26% of UVM students who currently smoke started the habit after living on-campus.

The major aim of the University is to create a healthy environment for students and become smoke-free by January 1, 2015. Also they want to protect non-smokers and smokers from effects of secondhand smoke.

In these conditions smokers are displeased with the fact they cannot light up their cigarettes everywhere they want it. Student Jesse Arnaud who is a smoker, is unhappy with these news. She considers the ban makes no sense because in most cases it does not work they way it should. For example, New York banned smoking in parks and on beaches but it does not work too well.

Karen Lounsbury, pharmacology professor, told she is hesitant to promote smoking ban because people have the right to do legal things. It is not practical to introduce smoking ban on the whole campus. It should be noted that since 1998 Lounsbury has been teaching cigarette toxicology at UVM. According to  Lounsbury, the best way to protect people from smoking is to inform them about the effects of smoking.

Secondhand smoke proved to have negative effects on human body. Several students have complained about being subjected to secondhand smoke while walking across campus.  One of them says he is against tobacco smoke as he is aware about its hazards. Environmentalists welcome the ban as they want to see campus area without cigarette butts.

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