Tobacco products to face higher taxes

The Ministry of Health has suggested that the Government raises the price of tobacco for smokers in order to reduce the high smoking rates of smokers and passive smokers in Vietnam.

The suggestion requires a higher level of duty on all tobacco products and for the lowest price for cigarettes marketed in duty free shops to be more tightly controlled.

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The Ministry of Health has fixed a number of goals to reduce the harmful results of tobacco from now up to 2020. It seeks to decrease the rate of male smokers from 47.4% to 39%, and the number of young smokers aged between 15-24 years from 26% to 18%. They as well expect to maintain the ratio of smoking women under 1.4%.

The Health Ministry additionally demands to cut the rate of people exposed to secondhand smoke at healthcare centres from 24 to 14%, and at educational institutions from 22 to 12%.

At the moment the rate of secondhand smokers at work is 56%, which the ministry expects to minimize to 26%. In the same way, the ratio at restaurants will be decreased to 50% from 80% and on public transportation to 16 from 34%.

The Ministry of Health considers that Vietnamese males are the fifteenth highest smokers around the world.

A review in 2010 unveiled that there were 15.3 million smokers in Vietnam and around 8 million people are exposed to secondhand smoke at work, with a incredible 47 million secondhand smokers at home.

The Ministry of Health as well informs about 40,000 fatal cases associated with smoking in Vietnam annually. On the other hand the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted that the figure will raise to 70,000 by 2030 if useful actions to reduce number of smokers are not applied.

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