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El Paso Banned Smoking at Bus Stops

Smokers in El Paso, Texas, will no longer be allowed to light up at bus stops, city parks and stadiums as the new smoking ban comes into effect from the beginning of the next year. In summer 2014 city council passed second phase of the Clean Air Ordinance which comes into action on January 1. It bans use of tobacco … Continue reading Continue reading

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American Stetes With Highest Tobacco Taxes

1. New York The state of New York has higest taxes on cigarettes in the USA which provided an income of  $1.63 billion in 2012. New York cigarette taxes make up 10% of total state-level taxes imposed on tobacco products across the country. The state managed to get this income in spite of having most expensive cigarettes in the country … Continue reading

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Grand Prairie Passes Smoking Ban Ordinance

Members of Grand Prairie City Council voted 9-0 in favor of adoption an ordinance that prohibits smoking in most public places.  Mayor Ron Jensen is very glad that the  ordinance passed as they wanted to have smoke-free restaurants. The ordinance bans smoking in such public places as restaurants, hospitals, sports arenas, and city-owned or -operated facilities. However, smoking will still … Continue reading

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