Grand Prairie Passes Smoking Ban Ordinance


Members of Grand Prairie City Council voted 9-0 in favor of adoption an ordinance that prohibits smoking in most public places.  Mayor Ron Jensen is very glad that the  ordinance passed as they wanted to have smoke-free restaurants. The ordinance bans smoking in such public places as restaurants, hospitals, sports arenas, and city-owned or -operated facilities.

However, smoking will still be permitted in tobacco stores, nightclubs, bars, billiard halls, hookah lounges, Loyd Park,  Lynn Creek Parkand Lone Star Park. Council member Tony Shotwell suggested that places where smoking is permitted should display corresponding signs.

In 1986 there was adopted an ordinance which permitted smoking inside restaurants with enclosed areas for non-smokers.

Resident Esmeralda Rodriguez spoke in favor of the ordinance before the vote because she worries about personal and her children’s health. However, there were residents who opposed the ordinance. One of them is non-smoker  Dennis McDaniels who told that it is all matter of choice to go or not to go in a place where smoking is permitted. He says that authorities should occupy rather with criminals than with smokers.

The American Heart Association, Texas Medical Association, American Cancer Society, Smoke Free Texas are not much happy with the decision and told that the city should ban smoking in bars too.

However, Council members say that the city is not ready yet to ban smoking in bars and in this direction more to be done.

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