American Stetes With Highest Tobacco Taxes


1. New York
The state of New York has higest taxes on cigarettes in the USA which provided an income of  $1.63 billion in 2012. New York cigarette taxes make up 10% of total state-level taxes imposed on tobacco products across the country. The state managed to get this income in spite of having most expensive cigarettes in the country with an average price of $10 per pack. Of this price $5.75 is federal and state tax. The high taxes do place New York on the third place after Rhode Island and Connecticut in the persentage of entire consumer price on cigarettes. The highest taxes on cigarettes made New York sell 18 cigarettes packs per person annually.

2. Texas
Texas increased in 2012 taxes on tobacco products and this helped them to get a revenue of $1.48 billion from tobacco taxes. However, mostly they are getting revenue not from cigarettes, but other tobacco products such as snuff, cigars, chewing tobacco. Totaly taxes from other tobacco products brought a revenue of $185 million.

3. Florida
Florida totally won $1.24 billion from taxes on tobacco products, and among them cigarette taxes made up 92.5%. There is no state income tax, therefore revenue from tobacco taxes is very important for the state budget. The tax on cigarettes is $2.70 per pack. In 2012 Florida sold 875 million packs of cigarettes. This year there was proposed to increase cigarette taxes, but this raised numerous controversies.

4. Pennsylvania
It was estimated that in 2012 state of Pennsylvania  got $1.12 billion from tobacco taxes. It was the only American state which did not impose taxes on tobacco products other than cigarettes. Despite this, Pennsylvania  is in top of states with highest smoking rates. Annually a smoker in Pennsylvania uses 55 packs of cigarettes.

5. Michigan
In 2012 the state gathered $972 million from tobacco taxes and the great majority of these money came from cigarette sales. Michigan does not enter the top 10 states with  $2 cigarette excise taxes per pack. Smoking rates in the state remain high, which provides high revenue to the state from tobacco taxes. However, smokers say that they buy cigarettes from online cigarettes shops and this helps them to save their money.

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