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The Worst Film for Smoking in 2012

The facts are quite obvious – cigarette smoking in films has an effect on smoking in real life, with research indicating that children especially can be more probably to start smoking after looking at smoking celebrities. But even though smoking is likely less socially acceptable in the United States than ever before, beautiful men and women make smoking look attractive … Continue reading Continue reading

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Rate smoking in films like sex and violence doctors argue

Two smoking experts have called for smoking in films to be treated by censors in the same way as sex and violence and want movies in which actors light up classified for adults only. Professor John Britton and Dr Ailsa Lyons of the UK Centre for Tobacco Control say they’ve failed in their efforts to convince the UK’s film regulator, … Continue reading

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Five films that children might be banned from viewing if smoking attracted an 18 certificate

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003) Gandalf the wizard has a huge fondness for smoking tobacco through a pipe in Peter Jackson’s fantasy trilogy based on the novels by JRR Tolkien (himself a keen smoker). Hobbits Pippin and Merry also enjoy a puff of the Shire’s finest pipe-weed. 101 Dalmations (1996) Glenn Close’s Cruella DeVille (via a sleek 20s-style … Continue reading

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