Five films that children might be banned from viewing if smoking attracted an 18 certificate

The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003)

Gandalf the wizard has a huge fondness for smoking tobacco through a pipe in Peter Jackson’s fantasy trilogy based on the novels by JRR Tolkien (himself a keen smoker). Hobbits Pippin and Merry also enjoy a puff of the Shire’s finest pipe-weed.

101 Dalmations (1996)

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil smoking scene in 101 Dalmations

Glenn Close’s Cruella DeVille (via a sleek 20s-style cigarette holder called a quellazaire) is rarely seen without a fag poking from her lips.

Peter Pan (1953)

Captain Hook takes his smoking habit to extremes in Disney’s animated tale, via a holder that allows him to inhale from two cigars at once.

Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The walrus smokes cigars, the dodo enjoys a pipe, and the caterpillar loves to puff on a hookah in the Disney classic.

Pinocchio (1940)

Two ruffians do their best to convince the innocent puppet to take up smoking in Disney’s animated retelling of the Carlo Collodi fairytale.

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