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Quitting Smoking Does Mean Weight Gain for Many

According to doctors, an average amount of weight gain after smoking cessation is 2.9 kg. However, the recent study has found that quitters typically put on 4-5kg after a year of quitting smoking. The study states that the 2.9kg figure is a wrong estimate and physicians should provide realistic figures to patients. The study published on the British Medical Journal’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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Reasons for smoking explained

If you stop smoking you gain weight safe! It is really true version that if people get rid of smoking, then they gain weight, but this was because they begin to eat so that to restrain their desire to smoke. However, different people gain different weight. Those who stop smoking, gain weight up to 5 kg, but this gain in … Continue reading

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To Quit Smoking, Try Eating More Vegetables and Fruits

Nicotine and Tobacco Research is the first journal that published a study on the relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and quitting smoking. UB’s School of Public Health and Health Professions’ authors questioned 1,000 smoking people at the age of 25 and older from the country by means of random-digit dialing telephone interviews. They talked with the smokers 14 months … Continue reading

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‘Shock’ of tobacco price hike prompts smokers to quit

A record number of people have quit smoking in the first week of the New Year, according to Quitline. The national stop-smoking support service said more than 2400 people have given up the habit using its services at the start of 2012 – a 5% rise on last year. Of the 2422 people who contacted Quitline, 509 said they were … Continue reading

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How to prevent from gaining weight by quitting smoking

When we stop smoking, our metabolism changes. When we are smokers, we are feeding our organism with food and with a poison such as the nicotine. When we get accustomed to nicotine, our body treats it like if it was food. It’s a hunger like sensation but be aware: its not hunger. Don’t confuse it with the normal hunger for … Continue reading

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