Reasons for smoking explained

If you stop smoking you gain weight safe!

It is really true version that if people get rid of smoking, then they gain weight, but this was because they begin to eat so that to restrain their desire to smoke. However, different people gain different weight. Those who stop smoking, gain weight up to 5 kg, but this gain in weight is not constant. During the period when a person has quitted smoking and started to make exercises and followed a healthy and balanced diet, he may not only lose weight but also to improve lung health and reduce tobacco dependence.

Cig Smoking

Woman exhaling cigarette smoke

Weight increase is a particular concern for women. In accordance with studies, most women, who have gained weight, need counseling how to lose weight correctly and to recover self-confidence.

Smoking makes you cool and sexy!

It is true only for children and teenagers who do not know the consequences of smoking. Smoking is really makes them look cool. But smoking damages teeth, causes wrinkles, bad breath and smoke odor from clothes is very unpleasant. As well according to a research, smoking may be a cause of impotence.

Quitting after years of smoking is not beneficial!

This is not true. Smoking people live less than non-smoking. Quitting smoking is beneficial because the sooner you give up smoking, the sooner the risk of cancer or cardiovascular disease will reduce.

Giving up smoking reduces the risk of coronary heart.

Those people who give up smoking, particularly women, decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. There is a risk of a heart attack even after 5 years after quitting smoking. Unfortunately, smoking cessation does not reduce the risk of lung cancer development.

In 2000 over 5 million people had tobacco-related diseases. This figure is increasing from year to year and it is considered that in 2030 it will be 10 million (7 million for developed countries). In the U.S. it is considered that smoking is the main cause that triggers the disease. In addition to coronary and pulmonary disease, smoking is also involved in the emergence of colorectal cancer.

Health organizations conducted many studies regarding smoking effects. They called to support school programs to discourage young people from taking up smoking. In order to reduce the rates of smoking, smokers and those who try or start smoking should be informed about the risks of this habit and impacts of smoking on them and people around them. Secondhand smoking is estimated as dangerous as active smoking.

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