How to prevent from gaining weight by quitting smoking

When we stop smoking, our metabolism changes. When we are smokers, we are feeding our organism with food and with a poison such as the nicotine. When we get accustomed to nicotine, our body treats it like if it was food.


Taking exercise instead of smoking

It’s a hunger like sensation but be aware: its not hunger. Don’t confuse it with the normal hunger for food, its hunger for poison so you must be careful and don’t eat to calm this pseudo-hunger. You will not satisfy this sensation with food. You will only satisfy it quitting smoking and will go gradually in the next few days. In approximately two or three weeks will be gone completely.

So, there are some simple things you can do to avoid to put on weight (or, at least, mitigate the effect of the nicotine withdrawal)

• Don’t substitute cigarettes for candies.

• Do some exercise.

• Convince yourself that you don’t feel hunger for food and realize that eating you will not satisfy the hunger because its hunger for nicotine, not hunger for a meal.

• Eat only at the hours you use to.

• The sensation is not that bad. You can cope with it been absolutely sure about your victory: you know that not smoking in a few days the nicotine carving will go and never will comeback.

Now you are going to control your weight, you must learn to avoid what you DON’T need to stop smoking: nicotine patches and other substitutes.

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