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Lorillard Announced About Results Conference Call

Lorillard is going to conduct a conference call for analysts and investors. The conference will take place on July 25 from 09.00 hours, after it has declared its second-quarter 2013 results. The conference call will be held by David H. Taylor, Executive Vice President, Finance and Planning, and CFO and Murray S. Kessler, Chairman, President and CEO. The conference call … Continue reading Continue reading

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Golden Virginia Classic and GV Smooth to contain cut-corner papers

Imperial Tobacco is delighted to state that starting mid-June, the packs of Golden Virginia Classic and GV Smooth 25g will contain cut-corner papers. The RRP, at launch, for Golden Virginia Classic 25g and GV Smooth 25g will be unchanged, presenting existing strong margins are preserved while offering further value for the roll-your-own shopper. Imperial Tobacco’s Golden Virginia brand manager Ryan … Continue reading

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More People Smoking Cigarettes than Ever

There are actually more smokers nowadays than ever before, regardless of health warning labels on cigarette packs and the growing price of cigarettes. In 1980, nearly 4,650 billion cigarettes were smoked, which rose to about 6,500 billion in 2010. By 2020, there will be almost seven billion cigarette butts soiling the world. Currently there are two countries with the largest … Continue reading

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Tobacco Brand Preferences

Cigarettes Most cigarettes sold in the United States in 2009: 95% were filtered, 19% were menthol cigarette brands, 90% were either “light” or “ultra-light” cigarette brands. Cigarettes that contain less than 15 mg of tar by machine testing carried out by the Federal Trade Commission were usually named “light” or “ultra-light.” Nevertheless, since June 22, 2010, cigarette companies are no … Continue reading

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Gangnam Style: Canadian company to launch Gangnam cigarettes

Beginning with this week, convenience shops across Ontario, Canada, can commence marketing Gangnam style cigarettes. On Feb. 15, Canadian Tobacco and Global Inc., an Ontario cigarette wholesaler composed of 38 Korean-Canadian convenience shop keepers, will launch three cigarette brands, such as Gangnam, which company President James Kang claims is not referred to as after the extremely popular song by South … Continue reading

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British American Tobacco to provide new brands to Philippines

Tobacco firm British American Tobacco Philippines is searching for the opportunity of providing new brands to the Philippines to expand its market share. “BAT is expanding its geographical reach to help boost its sales,” said BAT Philippines general manager James Lafferty on February 11. British American Tobacco is also taking into consideration production of its tobacco products in the Philippines. … Continue reading

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No Evidence Electric Cigarettes Curb Smoking Addiction

There is no precise evidence that electric cigarettes are helpful in coping with smoking addiction and they should not be used by teenagers as they are still delivering nicotine, a research by the Italian Health Ministry reported on December 30. The devices frequently recognized as e-cigarettes have growing in popularity in Europe as well as the U.S. The Health Ministry … Continue reading

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Bulgaria to reject move to ease total smoking ban

An effort to backtrack on Bulgaria’s total smoking ban in enclosed areas in public places has been unsuccessful in Parliament’s economy committee, several days after a comparable effort was defeated in the health committee. Being before the economy committee, Health Minister Desislava Atanasova, who has been determined in combating any change of the ban that became operational in June 2012, … Continue reading

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The Worst Film for Smoking in 2012

The facts are quite obvious – cigarette smoking in films has an effect on smoking in real life, with research indicating that children especially can be more probably to start smoking after looking at smoking celebrities. But even though smoking is likely less socially acceptable in the United States than ever before, beautiful men and women make smoking look attractive … Continue reading

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Jersey tobacco duty to increase by 13.2 percent

Smokers will pay an additional 13.2 percent on tobacco products after a vote to raise duty in Jersey. Smoking people will now have to pay 50p extra for a pack of cigarettes. Jersey States have affirmed that the cost of cigarettes will increase starting with January. As element of the budget discussion political figures decided to implement Senator Philip Ozouf’s … Continue reading

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